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    It was decent week here on the Cass Chain. The wind has been blowing from the SE for at least a week now keeping things a little more predictable. Water levels are high but not to the point where it is making things tricky. Water temps on the Chain are as low as 53 and as high as 60 so this is a big factor in what fish are doing in different areas.

    My clients had great to good walleye action this week and very good perch action. Pike were running smaller than I would have thought and the crappies and gills were harder to find on some of my favorite locations than I had hoped for. Did find some impressive specimens however.

    Some recent photos are here https://www.facebook.com/pages/First...3935672?ref=hl
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    We had a great week last week in your neck of the woods! However, I firmly believe Cass Lake is the windiest place on earth. The wind blew out of the E/SE everyday from 15-20 and some of the gusts were far more than that. Our group hunkered down in Kitchi most of the week and did pretty well on walleye. We managed a limit for 4 guys of 15-20" fish and let a couple of bigger ones go. We also caught numerous 10-15" fish which looks like a good crop for years to come. A few gills and crappies were in the shallows but I think we were a little too early...should be good fishing the next couple of weeks as the water warms.

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