A nasty Memorial Day weekend cold front followed by a series of thunderstorms and a forecast of another sharp cold front for the upcoming weekend hasn't helped the fishing. Whereas there have been short periods of decent fishing recently, the action in general hasn't been the greatest for me. Northerns have probably been the most active. Unstable weather is never conducive to good fishing. Water temps have warmed a bit over the last few days but if it gets as cool as they are predicting for this weekend they will drop back down a bit. Crappies I caught yesterday still had spawn in them so colder temps will hamper their movement to the shallows to finish up their spawning. I targeted smallmouth bass a little bit this week and the most active lakes were smaller dark water lakes. On deep clear water lakes most bass were staged out from usual spawning areas and very inactive. There were a few active fish up shallow and these were catchable but action was spotty at best. We need an extended period of warm early summerlike weather to get things rolling. Hopefully we get some soon.