Lake of the Woods is starting to see mid 50 degree water temps around Stevens Bay - occasionally some 60 degree water is found. New weeds are not coming up well yet, expect that will be coming very soon. Kakagi (Crow) Lake is seeing mid 4o degree range on the main lake with bays starting to touch 50.

Crappie - bunches of big Black slab Crappies being found every day on Lake of the Woods - some using live bait and some plastics. Mostly females now staging to spawn.

Northern Pike - lack of weed growth in Stevens Bay is making the bite a little inconsistent and fish moving around more than ideal. A boat will catch 75 one day and 15 the next. Lots of small pike so far (common spring action) and I heard three 39", a couple 38" and a three 36-37" which are some very fun action.

Bass - finding some Smallies starting to bite in Stevens Bay.

Walleye - seem to be biting good in streaks, lots of small and a few 4-5 pound Walleye being found.

Lake Trout - very scattered which is making them difficult at times - most of the Lake Trout are feeding at 25-45' every place I have encountered them, when they are up this high it gives them about 90% of the lake to roam. Some getting caught jigging, some trolling and some from shore - including one from our shore

Perch - not being targeted often, but some of those big deep bellied Perch being found on Lake of the Woods.

I don't think anyone tried the south end of Whitefish this week and guessing we might not have anyone in that area until mid June. Stevens Bay should start to peak as soon as the weeds start coming up and holding the fish in consistent locations.

We did have a few cancellations come in this week, so we will have a couple cabins available the week before Muskie opener and a 2 bedroom cabin available Muskie opener week. We have at least 1 cabin available all of June and first couple weeks of July - nothing available July 20-Aug 3rd and plenty of cabins after August 10 ( most of our August bookings don't come until July - in a normal year).