Water temp 63 degree's
Full Moon

Walleye: Very Good bite on Lake Nokomis, Anglers having good action using Rapala Rattlin Raps size 5. Chrome or Gold are the best colors. Fishing the deeper breaks are holding nice size fish with some over 27 inches. Be sure to check out the bridges and trestles.

Crappies: Look for the crappie to move back into the shallows again as the sun warms them up. Should be a very good weekend, use small fatheads below a slip bobber. Check out the areas that have some grass or brush piles. Cubby jig heads tipped with a crappie nibble is also working well.

Bluegills: Was a hot bite before this cold front, Gills were right up in the shallows. Look deeper untill the sun warms the back bays again. Use a small chart. jig tipped with a small leech or waxie.

Bass: Smallies are holding in 5 - 6 feet of water and move into the shallows for a short time and then back out to the deeper water. Bass Nut Jigs tipped with a pulsar tail are THE hot bait for Bass right now.

The Muskie opener is this Saturday and looks to be a good one. Hellhounds and the smaller Phantoms would be good lures to throw. Large blade bucktails would also be a good choice
Good luck