we were out last night and did very well on walleyes. We caught upwards of 30 walleye. The smallest was 15 1/2" and the largest was just short of 20". No monsters but what fun. we were working shallow structure after dark casting crank baits. Straight retrieve slow and hang on to your rods! They tend to hit aggressively after dark. Most were males and were still milking. The water temps were 47-48 degrees last night. This bite should only get better in the next couple weeks. On some of the smaller lakes where the temps are a bit warmer, the crank bait bite is doing well. I have also notices smallies starting to school and cruise shallow. This is an awesome time to get some of the biggest bass of the year. twitch stick baits and pause sometimes for several seconds or more. This can be some very exciting fishing. I am also seeing muskies cruising shallow. this weekend I think you will have to slow down and go pretty small for muskies. I would look for the smaller lakes right now. remember we are probably a good 2 weeks behind schedule.

Good Fishing and have a safe Holiday weekend!!