We are progressing into the fishing season and it has been very good so far and this trend should continue to get better. Quite a bit of a personís success depends on the water temp of the lake. Temps ranging from 42 to 49 probably means fish are in spawn mode and in this case you want to fish rocks. Lakes with water temps in the 50ís or more are done and fish should move into weeds and wood.
When it comes to walleyes, your best waters will be those cold ones that are in spawn mode. Jig & minnow combos worked slowly over rocks is the best way to go. If youíre on a water that has warmed up, search out any green weed. If weeds are not available, concentrate on the wood. In these instances slip bobbers will work well also. Iíve been finding fish holding on the slopes outside their spawning areas in about six feet of water on the lake Iíve been fishing and spawning is finished there.
Northerns are just starting up on lakes that have warmed up a bit. They are being found in shallow bays and are acting a little sluggish. Jig & minnow combos have been working and a bobber with a chub has been deadly. Crankbaits will also work.
Smallmouth Bass are also starting to show up on the warmer lakes. They should get better right along. Panfish have been slow to start with the late ice out. Crappies have been hard to come by. Anglers have been reporting some success, but very few nice fish so far. The smallest, warmest lakes are where to look for them. Things are going to happen fast with these fish. I expect a good crappie bite on many lakes by middle of the week.
Thatís it for now. Catch you on the lakes.
Jeff Winters

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