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Thread: Kenosha 5/16/13

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    Default Kenosha 5/16/13

    Fishing was pretty good in Kenosha this morning. Got 3 man limit of coho in 3.5 hours. Fished the 3rd hill from the harbor south about 2-3 miles. I worked 50 to 90 fow zig-zagging over the top of the third hill working both north and south.

    Keel weights, 2 color lc, 3 color lc, dipsys out 30 to 50 feet, and riggers set in the top 40 feet all took fish. Fished orange metal flashers as well as OO doggers with many different color peanut flies. No colors stood out--all worked.

    It was worth a vacation day.

    NOTE: The date of the report was actually 5/15/13.

    aka: Finn Lander
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