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    Hey Tim and everyone else, I was working in the wisconsin and minnesota areas and with both of there openers already started, the bad stories have been all over my different job sites ive been on. Quite a few people have said with the late start mother nature has given us that lots of accidents have been hapening already. Primarly ice under the water or the good clear ice that blends in with the water. Two of my friends were staying at a cottage and watched two different boats rip there lower units right off there boats. I figured just to mention this to all the die hards that cant wait to get out just like i do. Just keep in mind to be careful and go out slow till you know whats out there. Its no fun having to start out a year fixing your boat or motor.

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    No accidenta for us yet but we did hook all of our trolling lines on of a piece of ice we couldn't see out on superior. Popped all 6 releases and made us do a chineese firedrill. Weve been doing great on the tff and I hit the gile flowage last night from shore and managed 7 walleyes. It was hard trying to find the one under 14 inches!

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    Hey John,

    Sorry, I didn't get on this site earlier but I have been going like crazy here at the resort with winter lasting so long this year.
    I was also tell my customers that with the high water and the ice just going out to be very careful out there. With the high water pulling a kinds of debris and logs out from the shoreline.
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    Default Early fishing

    It really hasnt begun on the upper D yet. Fishing reports were abysmal with a few bugs scattered here and there and few fish rising so far. That has to change soon.

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