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    Smile Opening day coming fast

    Well guys – we’re a week away from the 2013 fishing opener and the question on everybody’s lips is “will there be open water”? I’m banking on it! In my travels now around the area I’ve seen some shorelines now begin to loosen up and ice is ranging anywhere from 8 to 20” thick depending on where you are, but the ice is also becoming waffled and spongy. The water under the ice is warmer than the ice itself and the water standing on top the ice is creating a scrubbing action and helping things along. As of Wednesday we’re supposed to see some heavy Thunderstorms moving through the area for a few days which should do the trick.
    If you’re planning to come up to fish on the opener, be aware though that every lake is not going to be open. The big, clear lakes will probably still be froze. Lakes like Trout a Tomahawk. The lakes that have the chance to open are the flowages, and small, dark shallow-water lakes and lakes with current. Regardless, I don’t plan on seeing any open water until Friday night! When these lakes open, expect to see some very good fishing! Make sure the reels are clean, put on some new line and have the boat ready. I know I am! Let the games begin.

    That’s all for now.
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    I like your optimism!!! No doubt there will be some open water, just depends on what you want to fish or how far you might want to travel. Certainly the lakes in the Tomahawk area have a chance to be open, as well as the lakes in the State Highway 13 corridor and west... Also can consider Lake Superior... Now will every one be condensed on those open bodies of water??? Oh don't forget there will be some trout stream open...


    Oh and welcome back from a long winter!!!

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