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Thread: South of the Border Fishing Trip

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    I'm talkin' way south of the border--Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
    Due to wind and wave conditions on the Pacific, we only got out one day, one Striped Marlin about 170-180 lbs., and one Bonito to show for a 7 hr. boat ride. We sighted over ten Marlin, but with the 8-10 ft. waves, it made it hard for the crew to get the fish to follow, or hit a lure. The one we landed was foul hooked in the dorsal fin, and released quickly after a few photos. The Bonito was also released. We did however see over a dozen migrating whales, some within 50 yds. of the boat. April is not the best time for Marlin fishing, October-November is the best. We had the Mexican Navy close the harbor one day due to high wind and waves, 17 METER WAVES-- roughly 54-58 ft. You could hear the surf pounding a long way off. Other days the waves were 15- 20 ft, not fun in a 31ft boat. Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.
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