Hi Folks.

Well its midwinter here in the northwoods. Ice fishing is going full speed right now. The main species of fish being caught has been walleyes and northerns. Fish are being found in deeper weed edges 8 to 10 foot or more and have been hitting on both small golden shiners and sucker minnows. Anglers are even catching a few using jigging rapalas. Northerns are providing anglers with their daytime action while the best walleye bites are both early mornings and late-afternoon early evening. The panfish front has been a little bit quiet. Im not hearing much for crappie action, but anglers are finding some bluegills and perch primarily in the weedbeds and are using spikes and waxies. The main difficulty right now is moving around. Weve been getting a lot of snow and snow depths are getting up there now. So if you have a snowmobile or 4-wheeler it would be very helpful in your endeavors.

Well, thats it for now; see you out there.

Jeff Winters