I am booking trips right now for the 2013 season. I have quite a few trips already booked for this coming summer and fall. I wanted to send out a mass message before I start doing the shows and seminars this year. This gives you an early opportunity to book a prime time spot.

Summary of 2012:
The 2012 season was very exciting. The first fish in the boat was a 52.5 trolling on opener. 54.5 was the longest fish caught out of my boat by angler and former Duke/NBA star Christian Laettner. We boated many fish between 50 to 54.5 this year. One of my clients got a 51 and 45 on back to back casts. Many other anglers caught their first and or biggest with me as well.
The month of June accounted for 6 50's both trolling and casting. The summer was incredible with lots of action on topwater baits in really skinny water which was insane. The early fall was great with many big fish on gliders and large bucktails. The fall was really hit and miss. We did very well around the full moon of October and after that it was tough. November of 2011 yielded two giants in the mid 40lb class and we had a hard time repeating that this past November. All in all it was alot of fun and many of my clients had big muskie smiles.

When to book a trip?:
This is a question that I get all the time. "When is the best time to come up and fish?" Without a doubt the last week of June to the first two weeks of July always produce giant fish for us. During this time period we consistently get one or two fish over 54 inches every year since 2007. That being said this time slot gets filled very quickly. I have 7 dates already taken. Also the full moon periods of July, August, and September are very consistent and multiple big fish hit the net night fishing at this time. For those of you that have a hard time casting all day I recommend booking a trip the first two weeks of June or mid October to late November. This time of the year we usually troll to put fish in the boat.

Full Moon Trips:
Trips two days prior, on, and two days after the full moon are excellent dates and usually multiple fish can be expected. We fish into the night on these trips. The following dates are the full moons from June to November.

June 23

July 22

August 20

September 19

October 18

November 17
Dates around the above full moon days go quick.

2013 Changes:
I adjusted the two day trip cost in which I subtracted $25 from last year's price to encourage booking more than one day.
Full day trip prices will not change.
I will be running the same Ranger 620 with a new motor and new touch screen Lowrance electronics.
I am the secretary of the MN Muskie and Pike Alliance and hopefully we can get a 56in size minimum passed this year. This will ensure that the trophy fish stay in the lake and provide memories for multiple anglers.

Speaking Events:
I will be speaking at Cabela's in Owatonna on March 16.
I will also be speaking at the MN Muskie Show in St. Paul on April 6 at 5pm.
I will be speaking at a few MN Muskie Inc clubs as well (tbd).

You can also give me a call any time with questions regarding a trip or fishing in northern MN. 507 456-9023
The regular clients that I take out every year make my job very easy. I am blessed to share the boat with them. Thanks for your support.