Conditions the last few days have been awesome!.. with high temperatures in the 50's and winds out of the SW. Water temps on the Three Lakes Chain are 39-41 degrees. But this did not last too long - a nice winter storm moved in over night dropping the air temps 25 degrees in a few hours and light snow is falling.

Baitfish have been stacked thick on a few very shallow spots with green weeds still present - seagulls, otters and other wildlife are concentrated in these peak areas. We took a fish yesterday in one of these spots on a weighted suick - working it ultra slow so that it rose to the surface painstakingly slow. The muskies are feeding but the windows are small and you have to stay on these spots until a window opens.

More to come....not sure how much longer we will have with the temps in the 20's now

Good luck and fish hard!


*I will be doing a seminar on Friday, February 15th - 3pm - at the Milwaukee Muskie Expo - be sure to check your calendars now - I am very excited!!!*