Hi Chapter Members,

Sunday November 11th is the final "outing" of the year. I've attached the outing documents again. This outing is on Bemidji from 9am-5pm. We'll meet at Northwoods Launch for takeoff and post outing meetup. We'd really REALLY like anyone who is interested in coming to please let myself or Rory know so that we don't have a ton of people showing up by themselves with their rigs. If you want to fish by yourself thatís fine, but we'd really like to see chapter members partner up with someone who they might not have fished with before, it can be great learning and tons of fun. If you're in need of a boat to fish out of and don't have one of your own, PLEASE contact us as we can arrange for you to have a "ride" for the day - but we've got to know you'd like to come first! Whether you have a full boat already or not, need a ride etc we'd love to hear from you that you're attending. Expect it to be very cold, windy and possibly wet, bites may not be fast and furious but this is one of the last chances of the season to catch the monster of a lifetime!

Phones for Rory and I are listed below. Please reply via email or call one of us to let us know you're coming please. Don't forget, if you'd like to be in contention for "Muskie Hunter of the Year" there is a one time $10 fee for the outings, please bring that if you want to be part of the competition aspect of the outings.

Here's the current standings



Fish Caught

Brian Johnson


Brian - 51/tourney

Rory Potter


Rory - 48/Pike Bay

Chris Thury


Brian - 47.5/Mantrap

Brent Rud


Brent - 36(tiger)/Mantrap

Jeff Nail


Mike Strickland


Randy Henrikson


Denise Strickland


Brian Johnson - 218-760-5867. Chapter Secretary

Rory Potter - 218-368-2688. Chapter President