Although much luckier than other folks on the eastern coast, Cave Run felt the effect of Sandy.
Fishing here was put on hold with ice, snow and extremely high winds over the past few days, back at it to day hoping the fish react positive post storm. Scott jackknifed his truck and boat on black ice to start Tuesday morning, Scotts Ok but trailer and truck are a mess,no boat damage luckily. Fishing was tough pre storm for most but TWO SCOPPS guided some nice fish. Suckers that were working last week have stopped muskies are not even spooking them. Hoe-Down went great with big fish honors to lead singer in the band Jodie Cornett on a Cowgirl his wife Mel scored on a Top Raider, guest Mark Bulle landed a 40 plus also. Ill update on this upcoming weekend...Full house at Mountain Muskie Lodge hope the muskies cooperate.