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Thread: Reports from the CAVE 10-23

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    Default Reports from the CAVE 10-23

    Sorry it's been since spring for a post I have a million excuses.. But being extremely busy stands out....Fishing has been off somewhat over the past 3 weeks up and down weather seems to have left our muskie production up and down. Fish have been caught but establishing a pattern has been real tough. If you haven't been down Cave Run is loaded with weeds probably more than I have ever seen here and the fish seem to be locked up in them. Trolling has been non existent. Ripping spinner baits from the weed edge has been the most productive but not easy lots of work. Hopefully steady weather and a continued cool down of the water temps will get them going. all in all its just muskie fishing. I'll past after this weekend. Looking forward to this upcoming moon phase.
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    Default Reports from the CAVE 10 23

    I was just wondering if anyone got out for opening day or is this lake also closed due to the conflict? Any info is appreciated.Thanks

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