With the water temps dropping in the low to mid 50's the fish are really putting on the feed. I have been mostly targeting Musky but the Walleye and Crappie action is good as well. The Crappie are starting to suspend over the deeper basin areas of the lakes. Walleye anglers are finding that the Walleye are moving out to the steeper breaks and into 15 to 20 feet of water. Jigs and minnows, Slip Bobber rigs and Lindy Rigs are all great ways to fish these type of areas. Reports of some nice jumbo sized perch are mixed in with the Walleye. This is the time of the year for big fish and the Musky are active, I have been finding them on shallow structure that is right next too deep water. I'm still having action on the surface in the early mornings and evenings, I have also had great luck on jerk baits and slow rolling bucktails. A live sucker over the side of the boat can hook you up with that late follower. Remember that you need to use a Quick Set or Non offset circle hook on bait 8" and over this year.