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    Quick question: my buddy crossed at Warroad in late May, he has 1 DUI on his record, 5 years ago. He was a passenger in the car and they didn't ask him about his record and he entered Canada with no issue. The new temp regulations say you cross one time this year if you have only one violation. My question is- has anyone with that 1 DUI crossed the border successfully more than once this year?


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    It doesn't appear anyone is able to answer your question, Guru.

    I have not heard of this situation so cannot offer anything either.

    The one-time TRP may still apply, but if they run him through the system on the second trip and see he passed through once already this year...that could be something they would want to discuss.

    I can say that it appears the CBSA officials have not been going out of their way to look for reasons to keep people from crossing the border this year.


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    Thanks Justin. We'll be up Friday, can't wait. Chasing mostly walleyes, crappies, maybe smallies. One other question. Is there a place in the area you can pull in for a burger and catch some football at lunch?

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