The water temps have came down over the last few weeks. We are still looking at 71-73 in the mornings and getting in the mid 70s during the day. There will be a cold front coming in starting tomorrow that should drops the temps some.
Fish are still getting caught in their typical summer locations. I have tried the reeds and have not seen or caught any there yet.
Peak Times:
The peak times have been in the mornings after the sun has been up for an hour and after dark until about 11:30pm.
We did very well during this last full moon night fishing. One of my clients got a 51 and 45.5 back to back casts two nights ago. The day before that was a 50 and smaller one. All fish have came within minutes of each other. Find a good spot with fish and dont leave. Once one gets caught release it quickly and get back to casting. I cant stress how important this is.
Typically if we are seeing fish they are harder to catch. If we are not seeing fish we will catch atleast two after dark.
Dont be afraid to burn bucktails after dark.

I have a handful of trips still available in the month of September and October. I believe I have one date available in November.