Musky Fishing continues to be good. We boated several muskies over the last couple days. Most of the fish have been shalow weed related. Yesterday we boated a 36" which was my clients first musy ever. He was very excited. He caught the fish out of some shallow weeds on a piece of main lake structure using a balsa type twitch bait. later in the day he missed 2 more fish on a crane also in shallow weed cover. The temps have dropped a great deal. Yesterday on a flowage the water temps in the morning were 66 degrees warming to 70 by afternoon. We are experiencing what I would say is mid-September weather. This would explain the shallow movement by the fish. Today we were out after bass. We were using black and blue craws texas rigged and casting them to docks and holes in the weeds. we caught several bass and missed some as well. One interesting thing is the ones missed did not give us a second attempt at them like bass normally will do. If we came back an houor later they were again willing to go. I am looking very forward to the fall movements for muskies, this is one of my favorite times of the year.

Good Fishing,