As water temps continue to drop we are seeing more and more activity in places that we have not caught fish in the last few weeks. Walleye fishing continues to be the main focus in my boat we are targeting rock humps from 10-32 fow depending on the body of water. The chains are shallow 10-18 fow and other lakes are could be 10-32 you just never know on any given day. I have still been pulling a few fish from the weeds on days where rock fishing has been spotty but these days are becoming less and less. Jigs and a half of crawler have been the bait of choice with minnows coming on strong as the water cools. The key when fishing these fish is to keep moving to find the active fish, typically we like to see them on the electronics before stopping on a spot. I can't believe labor day is just around the corner. Tight Lines!Click image for larger version. 

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