Well the air temp has dropped along with the water temp the last few days. The decrease in temps have not affected the fishing even with a NE breeze the last few days. Have been fishing a variety of different ways with different people on a daily basis from still pulling weed fish to fishing deeper structure. Still fishing jigs from 1/32 oz to 1/8 oz depending on the depth of water and the activity of the fish. Fish have still been taking all three of crawlers being number one followed by leeches and last the minnows, but some days the fish do and have wanted minnows especially in the shallow weeds.

On the chain I have been fishing weed edges early and late in the day with 10-14 fow rock humps during the days. Again crawlers being first bait of choice in weeds and rocks. Followed by minnows in the weeds. Off the chain I have been fishing deeper structure of rocks from 16-32 fow of water already. It seems a little early to be fishing them that deep but the locator has not lied yet. Will continue to try and keep reports coming as conditions continue to change as we are projected lows in the 40's tonight, but it sure beats the lows in the 80's.
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