New Book Details Strategies For Giant Muskies

If you’re wondering how Musky Hunter Field Editor Tom Gelb managed to catch three of the largest muskies ever boated from Wisconsin waters, including one of only a handful of 50-pound or better muskies ever, then you’re in luck. Gelb has recently published his new book, Musky Strategy.
Gelb’s chapters include discussions of musky mood, the food chain, open water suspended giants, converting follows, overcoming poor conditions, current, the moon, weather, and his beliefs how muskies hunt in packs and pairs. Musky Strategy includes strategic topics intended for both casting and trolling techniques.
“I have attempted to explain in detail what I believe has made the difference for me in catching big muskies,” Gelb writes. “Some of this is not new, but hopefully, much is. My conclusions on most of the topics have evolved over many years on the water. I believe attention to details, all of them, makes the difference between a winner and an also-ran.”
Gelb also discusses one of the great difficulties of pursuing trophy muskies: “In specific waters we can be hunting something that, at our point in time, may not even be present.”
“Tom focuses on the where and when of hunting trophy muskies,” said MHM’s Managing Editor Steve Heiting, who edited Gelb’s book. “Readers will learn exactly how Tom fishes and will likely be amazed at the detail involved.”
Musky Strategy is about how to find and catch the biggest muskies that live in a lake, including all the little details that matter when you embark on your own quest for a giant musky.
Also included are the stories of Gelb’s two largest muskies, a 53-inch, 51-pound 2-ounce fish in 2006 and a 52-inch, 48-pounder in 2007.
Musky Strategy is available through Musky Hunter magazine and select retail outlets. It’s available in hardcover format only and comes with a full-color dustjacket. The 210-page book features 101 photographs and illustrations and contains 20 chapters.
Gelb’s chapters include discussions of musky mood, the moon, weather, converting follows, setting lure depth, overcoming poor conditions, current, and his beliefs of how muskies hunt in packs and pairs.
The book includes a foreword by Musky Hunter Editor Emeritus Joe Bucher.
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