Sorry for my absence as of late. I have been out fishing and spent 2 weeks in Canada chasing muskies and walleyes. Closer to home the fishing has been pretty good concidering the warm water temps. The water temps have dropped the last couple days due to cooler nights and some much needed rain. We continue to catch muskies on top and bucktails. One day last week the hot bait was Bucher baby shallow raiders. Every day you need to try different things. One note for us anyway is the last couple weeks the fish have not been following as they normally would. We get a few follows but for the most part the muskies have just been eating baits. Nice problem to have! Bass action has also been good. The Largemouth have been good on jigs and pigs or jigs and swimbaits worked on the deep weed edges. The walleye bite has been a little off. We are getting some fish on jigs and crawlers and also on slip bobbers with leeches. I have actually been over on Green Bay a couple times the past week and a half chasing walleyes when I did not have clients. It is big water but has an amazing fishery. Once you find them they will bite. Each trip over we managed a 7+ lber, and numbers in the 20-24" class. It is good fun!

Good Fishing,