Well it's been a while with a report,so here you go it has been incredibly HOT to say the least
And many windless days very tuff to even be on the water all day.im felling my age but you just have to keep going
Walleye fishing has been very good in Miners bay dispite the heat in the 15-20 ft range jigs crawler rigs and bottom bouncers. The bite in the evening has really been good.lots of large and small mouth have been very good also.Top water baits rattle traps and live bait on a jig right over the side of the boat pretty easy on windless days but hard to just sit there also way to hot. Now the lake trout fishing has been on and off mornings have been the best the holes are just full of trout right now.River 2 sea jigs and spoons are working well just have to get down there and they will let you know what's going on down there.OK the worst for last not all the reports are great.Not lots of Muskie fisherman here now and maybe it's a good thing because it's been tough water temps in the low 80 s ya really high 70 s thermocline is around 26 ft and the temps there are in the 70s so the plying field is huge,if you know what I mean lots of bait around
And fish suspending and not in their normal locations, my old saying they are where you find them just have to keep looking which has been tuff.Top waters have been good water wolf lures and cg's have been the best.Chris our new member got a beauty 47 the other night and saw several others.Silvia got a pair of 50s right place right time and just keep on casting,and snooping in the open waters when you find them they have not been missing many meals they are
Fattys. Wel that's it for now good and bad it is what it is .Always calm waters to you untill next time Don