Wow it has been a while since my last report for the area. Where to start first water temps continue to be the warmest surface temps that I have seen in years in the area. One evening I recorded a high of 87.2 in 7 feet of water. Crazy.
Fishing has still been ok through these times we have had to work for fish every day.

Walleyes have been taken both on outside weed edges with 1/32 oz jigs with minnows and leeches. Yes still minnows. We have also taken fish off mid lake rocks. These fish have been on minnows and crawlers and a occasional leech and slip bobber. The reason for minnows still working is the over abundance of perch minnows and other young fish in the water column this year. There are bait fish everywhere!!!

Crappies have been taken along weed edges as well skipping that small jig an minnow along. Again numbers are not strong with these fish each day but enough to make the pole bend. I have noticed a great year class of 4-6 crappies coming up in a few years which is good to see.

Perch have been taken in the weeds on a piece of crawler or crappie minnow under a bobber. Along with some nice bluegills.

smallmouth bass have been on midlake rocks and have fallen to the leech and slip bobber more often than not. Some have taken a jig and a crawler as well.

I have not muskied fished in a few weeks which has been fine by me as most reports have not been great for the muskies, most action taking place in the evenings till after dark due to the heat.

Good Luck and Tight Lines. Jason
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