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Thread: Boreal Bay - Fishing Report - 7/17

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    Feeling like a warm summer for us, but guests keep coming in saying it's much hotter at home!

    Kakagi (Crow) Lake is mid-70's on much of the lake and after any strong wind the warmer water gets pushed out and re-filled with colder water. Fishing in the heat has been ranging from ok, to slow for most. Slightly cooler and cloudy days are the best bite for most.

    Knocking on wood.... no fires in our area yet, but the forest and lawns are getting very dry.

    Reminder --- many guests pass through Minnesota which requires boat plugs to be out when traveling through and all waters drained.

    Lake levels are a little low for this time of year, but not far off.

    We have changed our gas at the docks to premium, the price difference was less than 10%. Some guests only want to run premium ethanol free gas in the boats, some say they get better mileage and others are concerned about how long they let gas with ethanol gas sit in the tanks.

    Lake Trout - hard to find small ones that are hungry - some 11, 12 and 14 pound Lake Trout in the past week. Which would normally be amazing but most of the bigger Lake Trout were being caught by people who previously have caught bigger. Jigging action is not seeing a lot of fish chase. Trolling groups - one group had 5 in first day on the water and another group had 0 for the week (they did good on bass). A few people new to Lake Trout fishing caught very nice first fish!

    Muskies - couple upper 30" Muskies caught, lots being seen on Kakagi. A 38" caught by a guest who's previous personal best was a 36", so that was a thrill.

    Bass - Jessie Lake was slow fishing with only 150 in a day :-) Kakagi Bass biting in good numbers with live bait, trolling and some casting -- best were 3-4 pounds. Lac Seul (a real long day trip, at about 150 miles) included some 5-6 pound smallies on Mepps spinners and spoons. South Narrows Bass also an easy catch and good mix on size.

    Northern Pike - Jessie had biggest fish lost, again. Cedartree had some decent Northern action. Whitefish Bay and Kakagi included some mid 30". Lac Seul included a "triple 30" or three Northern Pike 30"+ on at same time. Guests catching Northern Pike are catching them almost any way they want.

    Walleye - action included a 24" from Cedartree and a couple 23-24" on Lac Seul. LOTW was mostly small walleye bite around Hay Island. Cloudy days - Whitefish Bay highlights included 15 Walleye over 18" (hard to find smaller ones. Cedartree action was fast with a good mix of size.

    With 29 guests 16 and under in for parts of this week lots of guests relaxing by the lake and not fishing real hard in the heat.

    We still have cabin openings from mid August until mid November, but several weeks starting to fill in quickly.

    Hope we can see more of you again this year!

    Kevin Nelson
    Boreal Bay Lodge
    (800) 541-5816
    Website: http://www.bbaylodge.ca

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    Good day Kevin.... Time for another fishing report.... Randy

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