Looks like some great swimming weather with Kakagi (Crow) Lake seeing pretty consistent mid 70 degree waters. The warm temperatures, light winds will be driving many of the fish deeper and the May Fly hatch is over.

Lake Trout - Some groups struggling, but seems like they have moved to a solid evening bite with best action recent around the edges of the deeper holes. Sunday night I caught a 22 pound Lake Trout and had the choice of picture or successful release - I chose release and so I'm hoping someone will catch it later in the year when it weighs slightly more :-) This big Trout was in a narrow area of 132' waters that leads shallower and deeper. Fishing the edges of a 145' hole last night I had 5 hit and caught 2 in 1.5 hours. Tonight I lost 3 including a nice 10-12 pound Lake Trout near the boat fishing edges and suspended fish around a bigger 150' hole. Late last week I did catch one on some 70' water, while the May Fly hatch was still going strong, suspect some can still be found shallower, but generally it is easier catching on the deeper water as you have more distance for the fish to chase.

Muskies - Not many man hours working the Muskies recent, but that will change in a few weeks. Some Muskies still being seen shallow and some encounters out in the deeper Lake Trout waters. Best story was a teenage boy fishing Lake Trout had a 48" Muskie on the line for near 10 minutes on 6 pound test and they were able to see the fish jump! I heard some knees were shaking after that encounter.

Northern - Whitefish Bay was it's usual fast action for Northern Pike and a few stray Walleye. Jessie Lake include a 36" Northern Pike as a thrill for one of the teenage boys and some sort of really big and wide fish on Jessie!

Bass - Kakagi Bass seem to be biting ok still, but Jessie Lake was amazing with roughly 275 caught in a day including some 3 and 4 pound Bass....now that is fun and fast action.

Fairly stable weather should have some good fishing ahead!