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Thread: Night Bite?

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    Default Night Bite?

    A lot of guys talk about fishing at night, but when is the best time to fish at night? Dusk to midnight, midnight to 3AM, or 3AM to sunrise?

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    I like dusk to midnight if I have to fish in the dark. Mostly because I think that last half hour of light might be the best time to fish.
    I like to troll walleyes in the dark but some nights it can be a pain. Muskies in the dark are fun but make sure the boat is all cleaned up first, and I like moon for some light. Got the headlights ready to go for this next weekend.
    Ames, Iowa

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    I believe in Solunar tables with 2 majors and minors and take them into account when planning my day. I really like the early day period, sun rises are great and the fish haven,t been pressured for many hours.
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