Overall fishing has been a little spotty. Things began to pickup this past week. We are seeing more muskies and they are moving well on bucktails and topwater. The biggest last week that we boated was 41". Most of the fish we have had going have been in the weeds in less than 10' of water. The walleyes are still doing OK. We ahve been doing some trolling with crankbaits and have been getting a mixed bag of pike, crappies, perch and walleyes. The best action has been on rapala shad raps. When you are jigging we have been doing well on both leeches and crawlers. The eyes have been relating to weeds edges and cribs. On many of our lakes in the area they are dotted with cribs. It can be essential to finding them and then locating which cribs are holding the walleyes. This can change from day to day as well. Use the lightest jig you can and still be able to maintain botton contact.

Good Fishing,