The Spring of 2012 has been quite unusual to say the least. With record early ice out and unusually warm weather the fish seem to be as confused as the weathermen. The opener was average at best, fish were already exiting the shallows moving to summer haunts. Limits could be caught, but you had to work for them. During the first week of the season I caught fish in depths of 4 feet and as deep as 28 feet. It was important to have minnows, leeches, and crawlers on board. Moving to different locations was the key. Continuing to experiment eas the important. We caught several slot fish and I am not complaining, along with some fish for the fish fry.

The weather continues to fluctuate from jungle hot one day to heavy jackets the next day. So what do we do to put some fish in the boat? My best presentation at this time of year is covering water. I troll bottom bouncers with crawlers on spinner rigs. Experiment with blade colors and some days bead colors can make a difference. Trolling the large shallow flats in Sucker Bay is a good starting location. I also experiment with trolling speeds, starting 1 mph and changing the speeds till fish respond. Sand Point is already kicking out fish in the evening. Drifting, slow trolling and anchoring with slip bobbers are popular presentations. Again experiment with different live bait. Trolling cranks at dusk is also a very good technique.

Bass fishing has been spotty and Muskies are starting to move mostly in the emerging weed beds.