We have had bad weather and no sat signal lately so sorry about the delay
Lt fishing has been very good scattered 10-60 ft casting or trolling j-13 raps or spoons some with lead and some with no lead like I say scattered but great size and numbers. The walleye opener was Excelent 5-12 ft of water leeches or just using gulp for bait very happy fisherman, miners bay,hill lake basil lake all produced.Smallmouth fishin has been just O.K prespawn fish but some nice ones 13-19" small cranks and spinner baits some top water action.Water levels are about normal has dropped about 4" since SOFIE and I got in here more rain expected in the next few days which is a good thing it's very dry up here.water temps are in the mid to high 50's.One of our guests on his fly rod got a monster Muskie just poped the fly out at the boat got some pics very impressive fish when he sends them they will be posted.Our new staff member SOFIE fell of the dock yesterday and was yanked out just cold and scared she will be fine a work in progress ya know she's doing a fine job chasing the squirrels and butterflys around just a great dog.well untill next report hope that helps you all coming up to visit us.ALWAYS CALM WATERS TO YOU ALL