With the warm weather and the winds of last week it triggered a feeding frenzy over the weekend as the walleyes were very cooperative as there were no problems putting fish in the boat. The 1/16 oz jig and minnow combations were still the ticket over shallow weeds. The weed growth has not exploded yet like I would have predicted so there are still what I call "pockets of excellence" out there. These are the small islands of bright greeen weeds holding fish, and these are magnets. Like I saids when these fish come into the weeds they are typically there to do one thing and thats eat!

Northern pike have also been very active with numerous bite offs while walleye fishing. We have also landed some pike in and around the 30 inch mark, for chain fish these are nice fish. This next week I expect to start to get off the chain and head for the clearer lakes looking for these new weed growths as well.

The water temps are in the low 60's and I look for this great fishing to go right through Memorial Day weekend, and last until early June and then the mayflies will begin there thing.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!