Of note: The ( http://eagleriverchaincommission.org/AIS.html ) has already started spraying 2-4-D to kill "bad" weeds, which actually kills every weed. They succeeded in rendering bare most the ER Chain last year so you really have to look for new weed growth. They should leave it alone for a couple years before perhaps spot treating some areas again.

Couple tips to help find weeds on the ER Chain:

Look around marked swimming areas, they seem to skip around those spots, even though the spray is "harmless to wildlife and humans (after 3 days)" of course.

Use the maps from the website link above to see where proposed spraying is to take place and DON'T go to those spots. Look in unsprayed areas or areas that haven't been treated in a couple years.

Look for "less-desirable" weeds than you're used too looking for, the fish will begin using what weeds they can.