Fishing was excellent in Northern Wisconsin yesterday, we had multiple species caught in the boat. We had as nice of walleyes we could have off the Three Lakes chain the morning and crappie fishing in the afternoon for some fun action. We kept all male crappies letting the females go back to do their thing. We could have stay all afternoon and kept a lot more but why? These fish are very cyclic and get over harvested a lot. I wish a number of years back that they would have changed that crappie limit to 10 in our area.

The walleyes we caught were anywhere from 22 feet on transitions of rocks to mud to shallow sand where the wind was blowing in. We used 3/32 oz glow jigs tipped with minnows. The fishing was very consistant any place we tried. The crappies of course came shallow as we had water temps in the low 60's and those fish came on small floats and crappie minnows. I am sure this moon phase has a lot to do with the excellent fishing conditions that we are experiening right now. I will be fishing almost daily this week and will keep up reports as things change.