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    The whole RFRG crew will be out hitting the water this weekend. We'll be posting what's going on. Help us out and your fellow fishermen by posting your reports too. We love seeing good info shared and our goal is to help everyone have a fun time on the water. We tell it all, the good the bad and the sometimes ugly.

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    Cooler weather coming in Friday late in the day definitely had an effect on fishing. Fish were still catchable but the bite was not hot and heavy. I started out targeting bass but quickly found that they were not very receptive. One nice smallie (18" class) hooked and lost when he jumped next to the boat so I switched gears. Instead of hitting the breaks near spawning areas my boat partner and I decided to go looking for new weed growth. We fished a deep clear water lake that does not have much for weed growth to begin with so locating the weeds was a bit of a challenge. As soon as we got our location nailed down the day turned into a pike fest. It was actually a lot of fun and we were getting one after another on stick baits like Husky Jerks and floating Rapalas. Most of the walleye fishermen we saw were fishing deep water and I did not see anyone put a fish in the boat. Mid afternoon the sun came out for a bit and warmed the water a degree or two and what do you know? We started catching walleyes in the new weed growth right along with the pike. Switching over to jigs and 3" twister tails kept us in the game with both the pike and waldos. We had one nice sized musky (about 40") swim right up to us and lazily swim right under the boat as we watched. Lots of scars on this girl who looked like she must have had a rough night but a good healthy looking fish. I suscpect Matt will post a report on the walleye school held at Wild Eagle Lodge but from what he told me sounds like weeds were a key location for them too.
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