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Thread: Reports from the CAVE April 17

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    WOW the Cave has truly been on fire so far this year. Guest of Mountain Muskie Lodge alone had 222 for the month of March with many over 40 inches. Now April has come and the bigger fish are showing more regularly.
    Some highlights over the last few weeks has been a fat 51 I took and Will Franks 43.5 both taken on Fat Belly Rattlers and Vicki Banks strikes again with a super fat 45.5. There's more to that story, in a howling wind as waves came across our bow Vicki had a super fight with with a very scrappy 45 incher, we cleared the deck with the fish in the net some tiny little Vicki could be photoed with her trophy making sure she had enough room the seat down with the fish if her footing in the bouncing waves was effected. I then handed her the fish as we drifted some 500 yards in the waters flow. We got a couple of great photos and released her. At sunset I told Vicki lets go catch a good one on topwater at my favorite spot as the sun goes down. Just at dusk Vicki sad I see one as she figure eight ed the fish, I seen it was big I yelled wider turns, wider turns and she did just that as I heard I got her well then all hell broke loose. I turned for the net and very discussed said Vicki we got a problem "the nets no where to be found". At that point Vicki had tamed the giant and I went for my Musky Armour release glove she said what are we going to do, I responded I'll hand land it. With a little hesitation when I seen how the TopRaider was in the muskies mouth I started to grab her but as I got close I must have spooked her and with a kick and head shake all of her 48 plus inch monster was gone. As I felt as dumb as dumb can be all I could do is apologize to Vicki.We then discussed when we could have lost the net and realized it had to have been in the heavy waves as we photoed her fish. Pretty stupid for a guy that's been doing this 20 plus years. SORRY VICK. I'm just happy she landed a pig just a couple hours before. AGAIN SORRY VICK.
    Back to the report with the high waters of last 2012 is just the opposite DROUGHT, the water levels are 5 feet BELOW summer pool and remaining in the 60 to 65 degree range. Last years flood has left this years weed growth very spotty which on Cave Run means hit the timber, many fish this year have been taken from wood and that pattern should hold a while with the lack of weed structure. Over the last 2 weeks trolling the main lake has been slow, cast and try small cranks, glides and surface lures. They are still shallow so don't get too deep. That's the report from this net-less fishing guide I need to go buy another one. Hope to see you on the water. Check out Vicki's one I did my job on SORRY VICKClick image for larger version. 

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    No need to be sorry Tony! I didnt notice net was missing either! LOL Too excited about that big fish we did catch! Thanks for that one and we'll get me a bigger one in September!!!


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