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Thread: Projected Water Levels?

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    Default Projected Water Levels?


    Hope all is well! Any way to project what the water levels might look like this summer? I know that the locks have a big influence on it, but we're thinking about Andrusia again for the kids and I'd hate to get stuck on that lake.....even though you keep telling me that there are lots of muskies in Andrusia. I like to stick with what I know....and that's Cass.

    Let me know your thoughts....

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    Default water levels

    Hey Brad,

    I don't think the water levels will be a problem for you but the truth is we have no way of knowing for sure what will happen with it.

    All is well up here! Hope you and the family are doing well. Tell the little lady I said "HI"

    Maybe see you all this year...
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