Ice conditions continue to slowly improve even with the warmer temps. The good news with the warmer weather is that the snow on the ice is melting and this will allow the ice to form a little more evenly. Caution is still advised if you are not familiar with the area you are going to fish as ice thicknesses are still in the 2-5 inch range. Northerns have been hitting 3-4 inch shiners under Tip Ups in 10 feet of water or less in and around weeds or weed edges. Walleyes have been found in the same areas especially near sunset. Use Shiners or Sucker minnows in the 2-4 inch range under a Tip Up. The big difference between the two is the Walleyes are holding tight to bottom and Northerns are holding higher in the water column, so set your Tip Ups accordingly. Panfish have been fond in two locations this week. The first is shallow weeds along with the Northerns and Walleye, and the second is on the mud flats in 10- 20 feet of water. The Panfish on the mud flats can be difficult to get to on some lakes because we do not have sufficient ice to get to them use caution. Panfish have been responding best to Waxies on small jigs or a Crappie minnow under a slip bobber. Crappies and Bluegills have been suspending up and down in the water column and perch have been tight to bottom.
Good luck and be safe.