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Thread: Report from the Cave 10-10-11

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    Default Report from the Cave 10-10-11

    Boy I think we all will agree that this fall has so far been one of the best on record. The tremendous amount of big fish has just shown what lurks below the surface on Cave Run. Great numbers too.
    Don't believe Ive ever seen so may different patterns have landed fish. If the past holds true rubber and big blades should be the hot baits. For you trollers get out the larger baits its time for our muskies to put the feed bag on downed be afraid to get deep. Don't overlook Scott and Caney Creeks as the flats get crowded, those areas shoot out some big fish from mid October to late November we know the flats will have plenty on them too. Good Luck
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    Default Report from the Cave 10 10 11

    3rd shift new to you huh? Its great for getting out fishing. So you now you get to look forward to the times YOU GET TO SLEEP WHEN ITS DARK A REAL treat

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    Default Report from the Cave 10 10 11

    Havent tried the morning fishing after a long shift.....my arshh is draggin by the time quiting comes around....and fishing before a shift ...nahh ..wife agrees I need my beauty sleep

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