My son and I headed out on the Canadian side for some Perch fishing yesterday and enjoyed a fun day fishing despite the wind and waves. Strong east winds for a few days made most of our spots very dirty but we decided to drown some minnows anyway. We managed to catch well over 125 perch between us but kept 35 nice size fish and managed a few big jumbos in the 12"+ range. Used conventional spreaders and slip bobbers. Fished NE of the weather bouy and tried several spots. We also caught around 10 SM Bass which are always fun on ultra light tackle. My 15 year old son beat up on me catching several of the biggest fish of the day! Stay tuned to my website and use my link to MODIS imagery and pay attention to water color and get out and get them perch. If you do not get any in 15-20 mins do not be afraid to move til you find them fish. As always feel free to call me or email and lets put a trip together. We have some spots left for muskie and perch. Good luck and good fishing.