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Thread: Leave the fish alone PLEASE

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    Default Leave the fish alone PLEASE

    Guys you are killing the fish we all love so much,The fish swim off great they just die later, ITS TOO HOT TO FISH. I learned my lesson many years ago, most that die just hold to the bottom and become turtle bait. I fooled myself for many years saying our fish swam right away only to find same size fish same area dead the following day or two.
    If I didn't believe it was harmful on the fish I would be at home instead of living out of my truck for the summer. Shame on you guys who claim to love these fish and still fish for them when its way too hot. I've turned down nearly 40 guide days for our guys this summer for that reason. I've heard of three dead ones found already. Cave Run Muskie Guide Service turns down all trips till late September for the good of our beloved fish. Cave Run will never compete in size with other lakes if we harm the big ones when they are the most venerable...Up north when it gets too hot guys either quit fishing or move to cooler waters, even radio stations run free announcements to warn of the harm on the muskies...This is why fishing is so much better up north, they take care of there muskies..
    Hate to see this year after year, last year at least 7 over 48 inches died in August and September already heard of 3 there has been many studies done most agree 50% when caught in water over 78 degrees... FISH RESPONSIBLY you are just hurting your chance of a 50 incher.
    Just needed to vent...this makes me sick....
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    Good Post! I've been read reports noting that big fish are shallow everywhere there is a cove with one eye brow raised! I know times are tough and people have to feed their familes, but Please don't swarm to this lake right now and hammer em, or pay someone to help you hammer em! I was out on the lake this weekend with the family on the tooner and the water is still bath water. If you need to fish, the Gills are great right now and make for good eating. Again, we are cooling down now, but please give the lake a few more weeks, then bring it on! I don't see T-Grant just in it for the $? What's that tell you?

    PS I haven't forgot you on that HVAC. Keep in touch

    Greg Sanders

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    Default confused about august/early sept musky fishing on the cave

    need to clear up the confusion. (we have 2 guides with 2 different opinions) bottom line is are the fish really being harmed?? this was posted while water temps were still up. just wondering? muskyjohn

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    What a week it has been here at Cave Run.. Personally I've had one of the best weeks ever on big fish.. 51",50.25",46",38",36"32" The two big fish came on back to back days.. All of these and seveal others are in super shallow water just like it has been for YEARS here! The water temps are at 78-80 in the early mornings and warming through the day.. I've only been fishing mornings so far I'll start doing evenings this week.. Looks like some cool weather is coming in this week with some rain that we need bad so there is no question that these fish are going to go crazy! All my action has been 1oz spinnerbaits Meat and Potatoe Co. I've some big orders of baits coming in along with shirts, hoodies, caps, bluegrass fishing rods, etc.. Don't forget about our Open House October 1 great time, with great deals! Hopefully everyone can attend it.. Got some nice used Rods and Reels in the shop right now too stop and check those out along with some really nice used lures.. Good luck this week I'll post another report mid week.. See you on the pond

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