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Thread: Planting Ground Lake (help a guy from Colorado!)

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    Default Planting Ground Lake (help a guy from Colorado!)

    Hi All,
    I'm new to this forum but have been coming to the Three Lakes area for 20+ years every summer. I'm from Carbondale Colorado, most of my fishing here is on rivers or for trout in high lakes. My buddies and I spend a week at a cabin on Planting Ground Lake and have spotty luck fishing each year. Most of the problem I think is that we have a bit too much fun at night and don't seem to get up early enough to get serious fishing in. We get out after dark some times but mostly we fish in the middle of the day. Believe it or not, none of us have caught a walleye, just pike, bass and perch. Please please help me be the one to catch a walleye! I'll even get up at the crack of dawn if that's what it takes. I'll be there for the week of August 15th so I imagine you have to get out deeper for cooler water in general?

    Any recommendations on lures, bait, timing, etc. would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Jeff

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    Since no guides have weighed in, here's my advice. First, if you really want to catch walleye, hire a local guide for a 1/2 day trip. They know the best lakes and locations based on the time of year and conditions of the day.

    If you decide to go it alone, here's the general keys: 1) Fish very early (just at sunup) or very late (a few hours prior to sunset to as late as you feel comfortable). If you fish at night, dress for bugs and bring bug repellant. Also some flashlights for baiting and tying on jigs 2) Use "walleye fathead" minnows and 1/16 oz jigs (light green color is my favorite) on 6 lb mono. Keep the minnows alive and fresh by placing a frozen plastic bottle of water in your bait bucket to keep the water cold. Crawlers are next best alternative if you don't want to deal with minnows. Work your jig along the bottom, the walleye will hit it on the drop. If you feel any resistance as you lift your rod, wait a few seconds then give a quick little hookset 3) Fish rock humps and weed edges. Fishing in submerged weed edges along shorelines and pockets of weeds on mid-lake humps are typical walleye summer spots. Tops of mid lake rock humps will generally hold some fish too. You'll need good electronics or GPS to find the humps and rocks. You can buy lake maps on-line or at local bait shops 4) Try Long Lake or Island Lake as Planting Ground has been (IMO) poor for walleye this year. 5) Pick an overcast, breezy day - especially if you fish during the day. These days are better for walleye and not so good for other watersports, so it gives you something to do on an otherwise poor day and the fish won't be spooked by all the boat traffic.

    I hope you can catch your first walleye, but this is a bad time of year to try for them! Good luck and please post a reply with your results!

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