Water temps in the mid 80s now that's the surface temp but almost the highest that I've ever seen. Now that's high for a deep trout lake 52deg at 25f.The muskies are moving around and some big girls finally showing up real dark fish coming out of deep water when you see real light colored fish they have been in shallow water for quite some time and bleached out from the sun so new arrivals are a sigh of great things to come. The walleye fishing despite the heat has been pretty constant along with the lmb and the smb and some fair sized pike. But the trout have really been locked down tight to the bottom since this high pressure set in but this to will change. Our guests can't hardly stay out all day you know you can really hurt your self out there just keep drinking lots of what ever. So for now it's just HOT HOT HOT later Don Lynn Paul and of course Maggi