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    Hello Paul,
    Hope the season is well and thank you for operating this site as I check in often just to see what's up.
    I have two weeks to spend in MN starting July 22nd and was thinking of stopping at ML first for a few days, but I'm seeking help with two questions:
    1. Water temps - wondering if they are getting close to the dangerous 80`
    2. Weed growth - will I be able to use past GPS icons or will I have to lay a new path down?

    Thanks for your time and help.

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    See your from Wausau, I live in Minocqua... Here's a website that will keep you updated on the water temps.

    http://www.millelacslakefishing.com/ Also this website has a Musky/Pike thread, but it is used very sparingly. Lots of walleye heads...

    Just look on the upper right corner and at least when I wrote this it was 71*... In my experience, weedlines will be somewhat the same, but there will always be subtle differences that will cause you to probably change your path slightly.


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    Thanks for the information...hope to be there Friday afternoon.
    BTW: Minocqua is like a second home city for me...either staying or driving through many times a year/

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