For the most part fishing has been pretty decent. Maybe a little inconsistant due to frequent fronts passing through, but all in all I can't complain.

Best walleye fishing has been along deep weed edges with crawlers clearly being the best bait. Rock humps have been producing at times but not as consistant as the weed bite.

Bass have been pretty active although probably not as active as they should be, due to water temps that have still been pretty cool for this time of year. The current warm spell we are experiencing should bump the water temps up nicely though. My go to bait for both largemouth and smallmouth has been the old reliable jig and plastic worm. With the warming water I will start throwing more fast moving crankbaits.

Spawning activity for all panfish is now over with and they are set up in their summer patterns which means hanging around weed beds for the most part. Swimming small jigs and plastics will produce a mixed bag of these panfish.