Ok, So I have been slacking on the fishing report end of things, but Rick and Chas have been doing a great job of reporting on what has been current as well. Fishing almost everyday the month of June has brought us a wide variety of weather and fishing patterns with good results accross Northern Wisconsin. Lets talk up and coming, we are suppose to get storms today and then a huge stable high pressure system will move in and sit on top of us for most of the week, and temps are going to go up. With increasing water temps look for the mayflies to continue to hatch and all species of fish to be targeting these areas, from big to small. Walleye can be best caught on crawlers and leeches at this time working over the mud bottom areas where these bugs hatch from. There will still be fish in and related to weeds mostly the outside edges of the weeds. The water is still very dark on the Three Lakes and Eagle River Chains and will remain that way as we just got blasted last week with 3+ inches of rain in most of the area so the continued use of glow jigs or bright colored baits is going to be key. With stable conditions look for fishing to be good right through the 4th of July!