Mille Lacs, like most lakes in the area has been hit with heavy, rains, winds, and un seasonably cool weather. Have not been on the lake since last weekend, due to the weather. Here are the lake conditons as of June 19
H2o temp: 63-66 degrees
Lake Level: 17 year high...and going up, about 1.5 feet above similiar time last year.
Water clearity: CLEAR to 6 foot.
Fish Season: Spawn is done in some parts of the lake....other parts only males guarding nests, still other areas spawning is ongoing.
Lake Bugs: Lake is experiencing a small mayfly hatch. These mayflies are about an inch and a half in length.

Bass are being caught on a wide variety of baits. You might try spinner baits, tube, grubs. If bug hatch continues and fish start slurping bugs break out the topwaters.