Well, we just got back from our first trip up north. If anyone remembers, our trip at this time last encountered problem after problem. The truck broke down, dog went missing, and bad weather.

I am please to say this year's edition was awesome!!! No problems and great weather in the 80's!!! The warm was just what the northland needed. Things were at least three weeks behind.

The fishing was just as hot as the weather!! The smallies averaged 16 inches, with many in the 18-20 inch range. The hot bait was what we like to use down here on the big pond for smallies. Any guesses??

Here are a few of the fish we caught

Even my daughter got into the act. What, you think she wouldn't out fish her dad?

A typical Northwoods greeting party. Here's Koda waiting for us at the cabin. He's one of the cubs from last year.

One of my wife's very cool pics. She caught a smallie starting to make it's bed.

What are you looking at??

I think this one sums up life in the Northwoods.

Hope everyone enjoys the pics.