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Thread: 2 weeks!

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    Talking 2 weeks!

    Hello gang,
    we are eagerly trying to wade thru the next 2 weeks of work, ballgames and smoking hot tempatures to make the yearly pilgrimage to nielsen's fly-in lodge!!!
    How's the water level? Water tempature? Weather? Mostly the fishing? Hope all is well, see you soon and not soon enough.

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    Default 2 weeks

    great to here from you water level is normal
    water temps today are a round 52d with cold fronts every 2-3 days all over the place.Fishing has been fabulous for every thing small mouth fishing has really taken off BIG fish shallow water on the surface great action for sure.

    we will be on the dock waiting for you guys whats this about 18yrs now

    we do appreciate your business safe travels. The gang oh and maggie to!
    Don and Lynn Pursch
    Nielsen's Fly-In Lodge
    Rowan Lake, Nestor Falls, Ontario
    Website: http://www.nielsensflyinlodge.com
    Phone: 800-653-5946

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    Default fishing

    got back a week ago and to tell you never seen fishing like that before. the trout is awesome to catch and you will get your limit in a heartbeat.. took me 2 days to recoup from my trip lol... good luck when you go keep the updates going...

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    Thumbs up 2 weeks

    Yes sir, lots of years coming to your wonderful slice of heaven. If your out guiding we will see you at dinner! No worries we will have many hands to make work light.
    Picked up some cowgirls and very excited about the 10" grubs......have you seen these? Whew.....will be fun and exciting as always. Looking forward to posting the big fish pictures....on a lighter note hump had a hole in one this past week, his third..fun stuff.

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    Default less than 2 weeks

    Hi darren,

    Good to hear from you. Strong north winds today with an air temp pegged at 50 degrees,going down to low 40's tonight. Water is cold for this time of year,55 degrees surface and that goes down to 15 feet and then quickly drops to 45 degrees.

    Fishing has been great. Trout are on the feed big time in 30-50' of water today right behind the lodge with the largest being 12lbs, the bait was a trolled 6 inch glide bait and an once of lead ahead of it,never tried that one before,they hammered the trout with that rig. Still a good shallow bite as well(less than 20'). Smallmouth bass fishing has been superb lately,the biggest being 5lbs. Walleye fishing has been very good. Last night 2 guests were fishing walleyes and caught fish in the 4-6lb range,these are longtime guests who said it was one of the best nights of fishing they have had here. I was pike fishing last week at wicked weed, lots of fish in the deep grass there, 15-20 feet of water.

    Iam sure you and humpfrey are looking forward to the opener on the 18th.

    See you on the dock.


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    sounds like we will be able to hit the grandslam everyday with a fishing report like that. Just got off the phone with tim, him and his boys are gearing up as well. He just got back from your native toronto and will be in chicago all next week before we jet your way. Big fish all species is on the ageneda!!
    Your friend

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